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What's with the nuts?

A guy goes into a bar. He's sitting on the stool, enjoying his drink when he hears, "You look great!" He looks around - there's nobody near him. He hears the voice again, "No really, you look terrific."

The guy looks around again. Nobody. He hears, "Is that a new shirt or something? Because you are absolutely glowing!" He then realizes that the voice is coming from a dish of nuts on the bar.

"Hey," the guy calls to the bartender, "What's with the nuts?"

"Oh," the bartender answers, "They're complimentary."

Why makes this Joke funny?

The joke "What`s with the nuts?" is a play on words, utilizing a double meaning of "complimentary" to create humor:

  1. Complimentary: In one sense, "complimentary" means giving compliments or praise, which is what the nuts are doing by saying things like "You look great!" and "You look terrific!"
  2. Complimentary: In another sense, "complimentary" refers to something that is free of charge, which is a common practice in some bars where nuts or other snacks are provided for free.

The humor comes from the twist in expectations. When the man asks the bartender "What`s with the nuts?", he`s asking why the nuts are giving compliments. However, the bartender’s response, "They`re complimentary," could imply that they’re free of charge, creating a clever misdirection and pun that generates the humor. So, it`s the dual meaning of "complimentary" that makes the joke funny.

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