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Alfred Robles: Girl Like a Report Card

I want a girl that reminds me of my report card: her face has to be an A, she has to have double DDs, cause tonight I want to F.

Why makes this Joke funny?

I want a girl that reminds me of my report card...

The joke I want a girl that reminds me of my report card: her face has to be an A, she has to have double DDs, cause tonight I want to F. uses innuendo and plays with double meanings of letter grades from a report card to create humor.

The joke manipulates the typical meanings of letter grades (A, D, F, etc.) in the educational context and aligns them with adult-themed innuendos:

  • A commonly signifies the highest academic grade, but here, it is intended to suggest a high level of attractiveness (A for her face).
  • Double DDs refers to a bra size, which is represented by letter grades (an actual size), creating a second, risqué meaning.
  • F usually symbolizes failing in an academic context. In the joke, it is used to imply the speaker`s amorous intentions (F as an adult activity).

The humor arises from the subversion of the conventional, innocuous meanings of letter grades, twisting them into adult themes. The surprise and slight shock of the unexpected innuendos might be found funny by an adult audience, while it`s worth noting that humor can be quite subjective, and some might find this joke inappropriate or off-color.

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