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Ruined My Day

"My Friday is ruined!"
"Why, what happened?"
"I realized today is Tuesday."

Why makes this Joke funny?

  • "I realized today is Tuesday."

    The joke utilizes a couple of comedic devices:

    1. Relatability: Most people can relate to the desire for the weekend to come sooner and the somewhat universal displeasure of realizing it is only Tuesday, symbolizing the early part of a workweek for many.

    2. Misdirection: The initial statement "My Friday is ruined!" naturally sets the listener up to expect a story about a ruined Friday. The punchline subverts this expectation by revealing the speaker is upset not because of an event on Friday, but because it is only Tuesday.

    3. Exaggeration: The idea that realizing it`s Tuesday can "ruin" Friday is an exaggeration and heightens the absurdity of the situation, increasing the comedic effect.

    This joke taps into common experiences and takes advantage of our predictive listening by setting up an expectation and then subverting it in a relatable and exaggerated way.

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