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Seeing Voices

I accidentally put eye drops in my ear...
Now I can literally see what you’re saying!

Why makes this Joke funny?

The joke "I accidentally put eye drops in my ear... Now I can literally see what you’re saying!" plays with the juxtaposition of senses and the figurative use of language:

  1. Mismatched Senses: The joke starts with an absurd scenario—putting eye drops in one`s ear. Eye drops are for eyes, not ears. This immediately sets up the audience for something unusual to follow.
  2. Figurative vs. Literal Language: The phrase "I can see what you`re saying" is a common figurative expression that means "I understand you." It doesn`t literally mean seeing spoken words. The punchline of the joke, however, plays with this expression by taking it literally. By claiming that eye drops in the ear allow one to "see" what someone is saying, the joke humorously and absurdly suggests that the action of putting eye drops in the ear has given the person a bizarre, new sensory ability.
  3. Unexpectedness: The punchline is unexpected, which is a key component of humor. The logical outcome of putting eye drops in one`s ear might be discomfort or a medical concern, but the punchline takes a whimsical and illogical direction instead.

The combination of these elements creates the humor in the joke.

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