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Toilet Jokes Which Don't Stink

Last week, I ran out of toilet paper and started using old newspapers instead.
All I can say is that The Times are really rough.

Do you know the difference between toilet paper and a shower curtain?
Ah, so it’s you who’s been making a mess of my bathroom!

Do you know the difference between toilet paper and a shower curtain?
Ah, so it’s you who’s been making a mess of my bathroom!

Why was Eeyore down the toilet?
Because he was looking for Pooh!

Why did the toilet roll down the hill?
To get to the bottom!

Did you hear about the film ‘Constipated’?
It never came out!

There are two reasons you shouldn’t drink from the toilet.
Number one and number two!

Doctor, doctor! I think I have a bladder infection!
I see urine trouble!

Why did three witches call in the plumber?
Hubble bubble, toilet trouble!

Why can’t you hear a Pterodactyl using the bathroom?
Because the ‘P’ is silent.

I bought an Abba-branded toilet last week.
What a loo!

What did the poo say to the fart?
You blow me away!

Who saves the world by hanging out in the toilet?
Flush Gordon

What’s brown and sounds like a bell?

Why didn’t the toilet paper make it across the road?
It got stuck in a crack.

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