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The Cesium Song 12

Seventy Six Neutrons

(Tune, Seventy Six Trombones)

Seventy six lithe neutrons swayed on Cesium's bar,

Half a hundred and ten bold protons...

Hold it! Hold it!. That's Cesium 131. Half life only about 9.69 days.

Let's go for immortality here. Worth a shot anyway...

Seventy Eight Neutrons

(Tune, Seventy Six Trombones)

Seventy eight lithe neutrons swayed on Cesium's bar,

Half a hundred and ten bold protons joined the press.

And the eletronettes were a-whirling in duets,

All but one, the singular miss Six S.

Seventy eight nubile neutrons writhed in close array,

Half a hundred and ten lusty protons swelled the crowd.

And the electron pairs played blue photonic airs,

From within a shining quantum cloud.

There were pions, muons, quarks and other fermions,

Tunneling, tunneling, in a state of partial dress.

'Till an oily bit of water came a wandering,

And miss Six S got in a great big mess.

Seventy eight screaming neutrons ran and jammed the door,

Half a hundered and ten brave protons hit the ground.

There was a sky-blue flash, then nothing left but ash,

And the echo of a glorious thundering sound.

--- Songs of Cesium #76

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