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Nuns Confessional

Four nuns are standing in line for confession. The first nun goes into the confessional and says bless me father for I have sinned I touched a man’s private parts.

The priest asks, "What part of your body did you use?"

The nun replies, "My right hand."

The priest tells her to dip her right hand in holy water say 10 hail Mary’s and all will be forgiven.

The second nun goes into the confessional and says, "Bless me father for I have sinned I touched a mans private parts."

The priest asks, "What part of your body did you use?"

The nun replies, "My left hand." The priest tells her to dip her left hand in the holy water say 10 hail Mary’s and all will be forgiven.

Well, this leaves the third and fourth nun standing in line. The fourth nun taps the third nun on the shoulder and asks, "Would you mind if I went first?"

The third nun says, "Sure I don't care, but would mind telling me why?"

The fourth nun replies, "Well, I would like to drink the water before you have to sit in it!"

Why makes this Joke funny?

The joke employs the element of surprise and a twist in expectation to create humor. Let`s break down why it`s considered funny:

  1. Expectation of Purity: Nuns are typically associated with purity and holiness. So, any confessions of sinful activities, especially those of a sexual nature, tend to be quite shocking and unexpected to most people. This contrast between expectation and reality often results in a humorous effect.
  2. Escalating Confessions: The first two nuns confess to touching a man`s private parts with their hands. The priest instructs them to cleanse themselves by dipping their hands in holy water, creating a pattern that the audience expects to continue with the next nuns.
  3. Twist Ending: The fourth nun’s request to go ahead in line seems initially polite, as does the third nun’s response. But the reason provided by the fourth nun is both shockingly improper and unexpected, as she implies she will have to engage in an act that is even more sinful than touching with her hands,
  4. Inappropriateness: The fourth nun’s intention to drink the water (which implies she used her mouth to commit sin similar to first two nuns) and then the implication that the third nun will be sitting in it (indicating a more intimate sinful interaction with the man, including parts she sits on) is inappropriately funny.

In essence, the joke combines the elements of surprise, inappropriateness, and a twist on expectations to create humor, albeit of a more risqué nature.

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