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8 short jokes for good start of the week

We all know where the Big Apple is but does anyone know where the ...

I ran out of toilet paper so I had to start using old newspapers ...
The Times are rough

Sink or swim?
Sod it, I'm going in the pool. The dishes can wait!

My friend asked me to name two things that hold water.
"Well, Dam."

I think it is a good idea to wear two different deodorants, one under each armpit
But that's just my two scents

So this kid comes home from school in panic and says Dad, they are all picking on meā€¦are we pyromaniacs?
The dad looks down sadly and says. We arson.

4 asked 5 out but got rejected ...
Cause it was 2 squared.

My wife told me to stop counting.
But I didn't one two.

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Joke of the day - 8 short jokes for good start of the week

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