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Strippers are often infertile.

Strippers are often infertile. The men are nudered and the women insist on being well-spayed.

Why makes this Joke funny?

This joke utilizes wordplay and puns related to the world of animals and their sterilization procedures juxtaposed with a setting related to strippers, who perform in a nude or nearly-nude state. Let`s break it down:

  • Wordplay on "neutered" vs. "nude": "Neutered" is a term used to describe the sterilization procedure for male animals, while "nude" refers to the state of being naked. Given that male strippers perform without clothes, they are humorously described as "nudered" – a blend of "nude" and "neutered".
  • Wordplay on "spayed" vs. "paid": "Spayed" is the sterilization procedure for female animals. The joke plays on the phonetic similarity between "spayed" and "paid", humorously suggesting that female strippers prefer to be "well-spayed", implying both well-paid and the play on the term for sterilization.

The joke is essentially playing with the idea of strippers and their desire for payment while intertwining it with terms related to animal sterilization. It`s the unexpected connection between these unrelated topics that provides the humor.

However, humor is subjective, and jokes like this may be seen as edgy or offensive to some. It`s always important to consider the audience and context when sharing jokes.

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