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World Post Day Jokes

On 9th October we celebrate World Post Day! Here's some postal humor for you:

What’s a postman’s favorite type of music?

Why did the feminist refuse to work at the post office?
Because it was a mail dominated industry

Have you heard about the dyslexic spy who got caught with a suitcase nuke in the post office?
Fission mailed!

So I got a phone call from the post office today...
...complaining that my dog is attacking a postman on a bike. But I told them "It can't be my dog... he doesn't even know how to ride a bike".

Did you hear that the Post Office just recalled their latest stamps?
They had pictures of lawyers on them ...and people couldn't figure out which side to spit on.


Why makes this Joke funny?

  • 1. "Mail-ody!"

    Pun/Wordplay: The punchline combines "mail" and "melody", creating a playful incongruity and a play on words related to postal work and music.

  • 2. "Because it was a mail dominated industry."

    Double Meaning/Pun: The joke plays with the dual meaning of "mail" and "male", providing an unexpected and light humorous take on gender dominance in the workplace.

  • 3. "Fission mailed!"

    Pun/Wordplay: The phonetic similarity between “fission mailed” and “mission failed” is used, with the context of dyslexia providing an unexpected and fitting punchline.

  • 4. "It can`t be my dog... he doesn`t even know how to ride a bike."

    Misdirection: The joke leads the listener to focus on the attack, but the punchline humorously misdirects to the absurdity of a dog riding a bike.

  • 5. "...people couldn`t figure out which side to spit on."

    Stereotype/Exaggeration: Leveraging stereotypes about lawyers and introducing the exaggerated and absurd element of confusion about where to spit creates humor.

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