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16 Yoga Jokes - to celebrate International Day of Yoga in 2024

The International Day of Yoga is a day in recognition of Yoga, that is celebrated across the world annually on June 21. Have some fun with Yoga jokes

Surveys show that 80% of women who wear yoga pants never do yoga …
And 100% of men don’t care.

My sister told me yoga is the best form of exercise in the world.
I said, "that's a bit of stretch."

They tried to kick me out of my yoga class the other day...
But I just told them "Nah'm'a stay."

What do you call an injury you get at yoga class?

My yoga instructor was drunk today.
Put me in a very awkward position.

I don't like people who do Yoga.
They're a bunch of posers if you aske me.

Pickup line: “Hey, were those yoga pants on sale?”.
“Because at my place, they’d be 100% off.”

What do you call a communist doing yoga?
Stretch Marx

Why are weightlifters so good at yoga?
They have great flex-ability

I told my yoga instructor I wanted to be able to do the splits.
She asked how flexible I was.
I told her I couldn't come on Tuesdays.

Yogi walked into Pizza place:
"Make me one with everything."
When the Yogi got the pizza, payed with a $20 bill.
The proprietor pocketed the bill.
The Yogi said:
"Don't I get change?"
The proprietor said:
"Change must come from within."

Why did the yogi start a gardening business?
To help people find their inner peas.

Why did the yoga teacher join a band?
Because she could really hit the high notes in Om.

What's a yogi's favorite car?
A: A Mercedes Bends!

What did the dyslexic cow say in yoga class?

Why did the yoga instructor go to jail?
Because she refused to follow the stretch rules.

Why makes this Joke funny?

  • 80% of women...: This joke plays on the stereotype that many women wear yoga pants for comfort or fashion rather than for practicing yoga. The punchline humorously suggests that men appreciate the appearance regardless of the activity, highlighting a common social observation in a lighthearted way.
  • My sister told me...: The phrase "a bit of a stretch" means something is hard to believe or exaggerated. It’s a pun here because stretching is a significant part of yoga.
  • They tried to kick...: This joke is a play on words, transforming "Namaste" (a common greeting or farewell in yoga) into "Nah`m`a stay," which sounds like “I’m going to stay.”
  • What do you call...: This joke is a pun on the word "yogurt," which sounds like "yoga hurt," implying an injury from yoga.
  • My yoga instructor...: The humor comes from the double meaning of “awkward position.” It can refer to an uncomfortable physical yoga pose and the uncomfortable situation of dealing with a drunk instructor.
  • I don`t like people...: This joke plays on the word "posers," which can mean both people striking poses (as in yoga) and people pretending to be something they’re not.
  • Pickup line: “Hey...: This is a humorous and slightly cheeky pickup line. The punchline plays on the double meaning of "100% off" — both as a discount and as a euphemism for removing the pants.
  • What do you call...: This is a pun combining "Karl Marx," the famous communist thinker, with "stretch," a common yoga activity, creating a humorous image of a communist doing yoga.
  • Why are weightlifters...: The joke combines “flexibility,” an important trait in yoga, with the word "ability," suggesting that weightlifters excel at yoga due to their physical prowess.
  • I told my yoga...: The joke uses the double meaning of "flexible," referring to both physical flexibility and schedule flexibility, resulting in an unexpected punchline.
  • Yogi walked into...: This joke is a play on the spiritual concept of “being one with everything” and the idea that true change comes from within oneself, cleverly applied to the situation of receiving no change from a payment.
  • Why did the yogi...: This joke is a pun on "inner peace" and "peas," connecting the spiritual goal of yoga with a gardening context.
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