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Chess Day jokes

International Chess Day is celebrated on 20 July. Check out some funny Chess jokes!

Patient: Doctor whenever I cough it sounds like this 'pawn, bishop, queen.
Doctor: Sounds like you have a chess infection.

I played my friend in a game of chess.
She did not think that she could win but she wanted to check anyway.

When Australian chess players finish their meals in the restaurant...
they say, "Cheque, mate."

Life is like a game of chess.
I can't play chess.

Why is the white bishop piece in chess the fastest?
Because it's on F1.

A girl comes across a guy playing chess against a dog.
She's very impressed with what she sees and says:
"What a clever dog!"
To which the man responds:
"No, no, he isn't that clever...
I'm leading three games to one!"

Where do chess players like to go to look for a bargain?
The pawnshop.

How did the king lose his home?
One of the horses took his castle.

Which knight always gave up at chess?
Sir Render.

Why do chess pieces look so uninterested?
They’re part of a bored game.

Why should you ever have lunch with a chess player?
It takes them ages to pass the salt.

Why did the chess player win the disco competition?
They had all the right moves.

When the King started telling a bedtime story to all the chess pieces, he said ...
"Once a pawn a time..."

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