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Converting a Bear

Every Monday, a rabbi, a priest, and a preacher gather in a coffee shop to discuss their spiritual lives. During one of these meetings, the priest challenges the others to a unique bet: he believes he can convert a bear in the woods to his religion. The others are intrigued and accept the challenge, agreeing to share their experiences at their next meeting.
The following week, they all meet in the hospital, each in varying degrees of injury. They decide to convene in the rabbi's hospital room.

The Priest's Tale

The priest, with his arm in a sling, recounts his encounter first.
"Yeah, it was tough at first, but I was able to dash it with some holy water. The next thing I know, it started saying Hail Mary. He's coming to mass this Sunday."
The others nod in approval.

The Preacher's Encounter

Next, the preacher. The preacher is in pretty bad shape. He's in a wheel chair, and he has a concussion, a broken leg, and a broken arm.
He says
"Well, when I finally happened upon it, I wrestled that thing to the ground and started beating its head with a Bible.
So he lunges at me and we tumble down this hill into the river where I dunked him seven times.
Finally, he came to the faith. He'll be coming to church next Sunday."

The Rabbi's Experience

Finally, they turn to the rabbi. The rabbi looks like he got the worst of it. He's in a body cast and there's no way he's getting out of bed any time soon.
He looks at both men and says "Well, I probably should've started with something different than circumcision...."

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