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Tapas Jokes, to celebrate World Tapas Day

World Tapas Day, observed annually on the third Thursday of June, is an international holiday celebrating the small Spanish Tapa dish that is usually served with drinks. Check out Tapas Jokes

What did the dyslexic man order at the Italian restaurant? Tapas.

Jesus fed 5,000 people with two fishes and a loaf of bread. That’s not a miracle. That’s tapas.

Did you hear about the plant in Baton Rouge Louisiana thats been producing spanish food since the 11th century? It's a bayou tapas-tree.

How do we know that the Normans ate small portions of Spanish food? Because of the Bayeux Tapas Tray!

What did the Spanish keyboard say? Tapas .

A man walked into a bar and ordered a beer and two plates of tapas.
Another man walked into the bar and ordered 10 beers and 20 plates of tapas.
The barman said, "That's an order of magnitude!"

I got the roast duck at a fancy tapas place downtown...
Boy, the duck might have been small but its bill sure was big.

Girlfriend took me out for tapas today.
I kept repeating 'this is a great way tapas the time'
The look of annoyance on her face was growing.
So I told her if it's annoying just tell me tapas off.

Why makes this Joke funny?

1. What did the dyslexic man order...

This joke plays on the word "tapas" and the concept of dyslexia, a condition that can involve mixing up letters or words. It humorously suggests that the man intended to order something else (like pasta) but ended up ordering tapas instead due to dyslexia.

2. Jesus fed 5,000 people with two...

The joke here is a humorous exaggeration. The miracle of feeding 5,000 people is downplayed by comparing it to the idea of tapas, which are small portions meant for sharing. It’s funny because it trivializes a well-known biblical miracle by relating it to a casual dining experience.

3. Did you hear about the plant in Baton Rouge...

This joke is a pun combining "bayou" (a marshy outlet of a lake or river) and "tapestry" (a form of textile art) to create "tapas-tree," which humorously suggests a tree that produces tapas. The play on words with the location (Baton Rouge, Louisiana) adds to the humor.

4. How do we know that the Normans...

This joke is a pun on the Bayeux Tapestry, a famous embroidered cloth depicting the Norman Conquest of England. By changing "Tapestry" to "Tapas Tray," it humorously suggests the Normans enjoyed Spanish tapas, creating a funny historical twist.

5. What did the Spanish...

This is a simple pun where "tapas" sounds like "tap as." The joke imagines a Spanish keyboard giving a playful instruction that also references the small Spanish dishes.

6. A man walked into a bar and...

This joke plays on the mathematical term "order of magnitude," which refers to a factor of ten. It’s funny because the bartender uses this technical term to describe the second man`s much larger order in a casual bar setting.

7. I got the roast duck at a fancy tapas ...

The humor here is a pun on the word "bill." It refers both to the duck`s beak and the check at the restaurant. The joke highlights the small portion sizes typical of tapas but humorously notes that the cost (the bill) was unexpectedly high.

8. Girlfriend took me out for tapas...

This joke uses multiple puns on the word "tapas." First, it plays on "tapas the time" (a pun on "pass the time"), and then it follows with "tapas off" (a pun on "piss off"). The humor comes from the repeated wordplay and the growing annoyance of the girlfriend, which is a relatable and funny scenario.

These jokes are funny because they use wordplay, cultural references, and clever twists to create humor, often by connecting unrelated concepts in amusing ways.

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