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The most popular 10 Christmas cracker jokes for 2023 - voted

Gold asked British people to post their favorite jokes online. A group of judges picked the best ones, and then 2,000 people voted anonymously. The joke that got the most votes made fun of a recent event where thousands of priceless artefacts were stolen from the famous British Museum in London.

1.Did you hear about the Christmas cake on display in the British Museum?
It was Stollen

2.Why is Elon Musk's Christmas dinner so awkward?
He can't stop talking about his X

3.Why isn't Barbie having turkey for Christmas dinner this year?
Chic-Ken is enough

4.Why aren't any schools allowed to put on a nativity this year?
They couldn't find a stable building

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5.What impact will the 20mph speed limit in Wales have on the charts this year?
Chris Rea will be driving home for Easter

6.What happened to Mark Zuckerberg's novelty jumper when he had a cage fight with Elon Musk?
He was left with nothing but Threads

7.What's the difference between The Polar Express and HS2?
One's a fantasy about a train and the other's a film with Tom Hanks

8.What did Robert Oppenheimer get Barbie for Christmas?
Atomic Kenergy

9.Why are the train drivers on the naughty list this year?
Because they've already had three strikes!

10.How does Margot Robbie decorate her Nativity scene?
With 3 wise Ken

Why makes this Joke funny?

1. Christmas Cake in the British Museum

This is a play on words. "Stollen" is a type of German Christmas cake, but it also sounds like "stolen," which is humorous in the context of a museum.

2. Elon Musk`s Christmas Dinner

This joke plays on Elon Musk`s well-known focus on SpaceX ("X") and ex-Twitter ("X"). It humorously suggests that he can`t stop talking about his work even at Christmas dinner.

3. Barbie and Turkey Dinner

The punchline "Chic-Ken" is a play on words, combining "chicken" (the bird) and "Ken" (Barbie`s companion), suggesting Barbie prefers chicken over turkey.

4. Nativity and Stable Building

This is a pun. Nativity scenes traditionally include a stable, but here "stable building" humorously refers to a structurally sound building.

5. Speed Limit in Wales and Chris Rea

This joke plays on Chris Rea`s famous song "Driving Home for Christmas" and the slow pace implied by a 20mph speed limit, humorously suggesting he would be driving home for Easter instead due to the slowness.

6. Zuckerberg`s Jumper and Cage Fight

This joke mixes the speculated cage fight between Zuckerberg and Musk, with a pun on "Threads" - New social network Zuckerberg created to replace Twitter (now "X").

7. Polar Express and HS2

This joke contrasts the magical, fictional Polar Express train with HS2, a controversial high-speed rail project in the UK, humorously suggesting that HS2 is as fantastical as the Polar Express.

8. Oppenheimer and Barbie

Pun on 2 most popular movies this year - "Atomic Kenergy" (play on "kinetic energy").

9. Train Drivers on the Naughty List

This relies on current events knowledge, referencing train drivers` strikes. The punchline "they`ve already had three strikes" is a play on the phrase "three strikes and you`re out."

10. Margot Robbie`s Nativity Scene

This joke plays on the word "Ken," referring to both wise men (kings) in the nativity scene and Ken dolls, connecting to actress Margot Robbie known for playing Barbie.

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Joke of the day - The most popular 10 Christmas cracker jokes for 2023 - voted

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