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Halloween, Thanksgiving and other Fall Jokes for kids

Halloween Jokes
1. Why did the cows turn into werewolves?
- It was a full moooooon.

2. Where do ghosts go on vacation?
- The boo-hamas.

3. What kind of monster loves disco?
- The boogieman.

4. How do you know a vampire has a cold?
- He starts coffin.

5. What do you call a werewolf with a fever?
- A hot dog.

6. Why are ghosts so bad at lying?
- You can see right through them.
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Halloween Knock-Knock Jokes
1. Knock, knock.
- Who’s there?
- Jack.
- Jack who?
- Jack o’lantern.

2. Knock, knock.
- Who’s there?
- Ivan.
- Ivan who?
- Ivan to suck your blood.

3. Knock, knock.
- Who’s there?
- Witches.
- Witches who?
- Witches the best way out of this neighborhood?
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Pumpkin Jokes
1. How did the little pumpkins cross the road?
- With the help of a crossing gourd.

2. How do you fix a broken pumpkin?
- With a pumpkin patch.

3. How does the pumpkin listen to music?
- On vine-yl.

4. What do you call a pumpkin that works at the beach?
- A life gourd.

5. Where do pumpkins hold business meetings?
- In the gourd-room.

6. What happens if you eat too much pumpkin pie?
- You get autumn-y ache.
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Fall Jokes
1. What’s a scarecrow’s favorite fruit?
- Straw-berries.

2. What did the scarecrow say when he lost all his stuffing?
- That was the last straw!

3. What is the cutest of seasons?
- Awww-tumn.

4. What do you get when you drop a pumpkin?
- Squash.

5. Why did Humpty Dumpty have a great fall?
- To make up for his miserable summer.

6. Why are dads so good at fall puns?
- Because they’re so corny.

Thanksgiving Knock-Knock Jokes
1. Knock, knock.
- Who’s there?
- Annie.
- Annie who?
- Annie-body want some pie?

2. Knock, knock.
- Who’s there?
- Arthur.
- Arthur who?
- Arthur any leftovers?

3. Knock, knock.
- Who’s there?
- Pie.
- Pie who?
- Pie love you.

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Thanksgiving Jokes
1. Why did the gravy get sent to bed early?
- For acting saucy at the table.

2. Why did the turkey get ejected from the basketball game?
- He committed a fowl.

3. Why couldn’t the Thanksgiving band perform?
- Somebody ate the drumsticks.

4. What do sweet potatoes wear to bed?
- Yammies.

5. What’s the key to a great Thanksgiving?
- The tur-key.

6. What is the most mythical vegetable?
- A uni-corn.

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Apple Jokes
1. Why did the apple stop in the middle of the road?
- It ran out of juice.

2. Why did the apple pie cross the road?
- It saw a fork up ahead.

3. Why did the apple join the circus?
- He loved the apple-ause.

4. Why did the apple pie cry?
- Its peelings were hurt.

5. What did the apple tree say to the hungry caterpillar?
- “Leaf me alone!”

6. Why is it hard to work at the apple pie factory?
- They have such a high turnover rate.

Why makes this Joke funny?

Explanations of some of the jokes, to make kids easer to understand

  1. "He starts coffin."

    Explanation: The humor comes from the play on words between "coffin" (a casket) and "coughing" (expelling air from the lungs with a sudden, harsh noise), which sound similar.

  2. "It was a full moooooon."

    Explanation: This joke uses a play on the words "moon" and "moo". The word "moo" is the sound that cows make, and it is playfully inserted into the word "moon" to make it sound like "moooon".

  3. "The trombone."

    Explanation: This joke plays with the expectation that skeletons play "bone"-related instruments, as "trombone" has the word "bone" in it.

  4. "Boo jeans."

    Explanation: This is a play on words, where "boo" (a word used to scare people in a playful manner) is combined with "jeans" (a type of clothing) to sound like "blue jeans".

  5. "You get autumn-y ache."

    Explanation: This joke plays on the sounds of "autumn-y ache" which when said quickly, can sound like "a tummy ache".

  6. "A hot dog."

    Explanation: Here "hot dog" is a pun because it`s both a food and also combines "hot" (feverish) with "dog" (casual term for a werewolf or canine).

  7. "It saw a fork up ahead."

    Explanation: The joke plays on the classic "Why did the chicken cross the road?" but uses "apple pie" and "fork" for a playful pun, involving a fork in the road and a utensil.

  8. "It ran out of juice."

    Explanation: "Juice" here implies two meanings: fruit juice and fuel (like "car juice"). The apple "ran out of juice" or energy, analogous to a vehicle running out of fuel.

  9. "A life gourd."

    Explanation: This joke combines "gourd" with "lifeguard", resting on the similar sound of “gourd” and “guard”, creating a funny image of a pumpkin lifeguarding.

  10. "Leaf me alone!"

    Explanation: "Leaf me alone" sounds like "leave me alone." The pun is on "leaf" because apple trees have leaves, which caterpillars might eat, while not visible in spoken language.

  11. "With the help of a crossing gourd."

    Explanation: The joke blends "crossing guard" with "gourd," which might be difficult due to “gourd” and “guard”

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