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New 2023 Thanksgiving jokes

What kind of dessert sticks to the wall?
Pie-der Man!

What do you call roasted vegetables that run from the kitchen to the table?
Hustle Sprouts!

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If the Mayflower brought the Pilgrims, what brought their dogs?
The Collie-flower!

What do you call the ghost of a turkey?
A poultry-geist!

Why are turkeys always grumbling?
They’re in a fowl mood!

Has this meat juice been listening to Joe Rogan?
It’s so baste!

How did the turkey get to Thanksgiving?
He rode the gravy train!

Why did the turkey’s dad make him eat nothing but stale bread?
To stuffin’ him up!

Why did the turkey cross the road?
He was trying to convince people he was a chicken!

These used to be plain old cranberries. Now, they’re a flying sauce-er!
(throw cranberry sauce across the room)

Why makes this Joke funny?

"If the Mayflower brought the Pilgrims..."
This joke plays on the words "Mayflower" (the ship that brought the Pilgrims to America) and "Collie-flower," a pun combining "collie" (a dog breed) with "cauliflower."
The humor lies in the unexpected and playful twist on words that sound similar.

"What do you call the ghost of a turkey...
This is a pun combining "poultry" (a category of bird that includes turkeys) and "poltergeist" (a type of ghost known for causing disturbances). The joke`s humor comes from the surprising and amusing way these two words are combined.

"Why are turkeys always grumbling..."
This joke uses a play on words where "fowl," which means bird (and relates to turkeys), sounds like "foul," which means something bad or disagreeable.
The humor is in the pun and the imagery of grumbling turkeys.

"What kind of dessert sticks to the wall..."
Here, the punchline "Pie-der Man" is a play on "Spider-Man," a popular superhero, combining it with "pie."
It`s humorous because it`s an unexpected and silly combination of ideas.

"These used to be plain old cranberries..."
This joke involves both a pun and physical comedy. "Flying saucer" (a term for a UFO) is turned into "flying sauce-er" as someone pretends to throw cranberry sauce. The humor is in the wordplay and the absurdity of the action.

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